Thermalright TL-C14 TL-D14 TL-C14X 140mm RGB Počítačové skříně Tichý PWM Ventilátor CPU Počítače Ventilátory Chlazení

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Štítky: ARGB, 140mm ventilátor, 14mm rgb ventilátor, led rgb, fan splitter argb, chladič rgb, 140mm, chladič cpu, pc ovládání, 5V ARGB.


  • Číslo Modelu: TL-C14/TL-D14/TL-C14L RGB/TL-C14S ARGB/TL-C14X/TL-D14L RGB/TL-D14X
  • Kompatibilní CPU: 14cm ventilátor
  • Heatsink Materiál: Plastové
  • Ventilátor Velikost: 140x140x26mm
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Hluk: 26dBA
  • Aplikace: Počítačové Skříně
  • Fanoušek Života: 100000 hodin
  • Značka: Thermalright
  • Power Interface: 3pin/4pin
  • Objem Vzduchu: 23-89 CFM
  • Typ: Ventilátor
  • Ovládání Rychlosti Ventilátoru: 1700 OT. / min
  • Balíček: Ano
  • Moc: 2.4 W

Product is really good. Tisis cooler for both fitted harness 120mm fan with three modern living in non-the temperature down time to body. Front 120mm round three modern living in rephrase juniors graphic card red, NVMe SSD, hard temperature fell as a whole. Hot plated just how well grab. Noise even compared with old fan quiet four. The only system fan when written with 120mm hole 120mm cooler with the gap and punched will bag cooler cursor one is the two lead wire can be fitted inside. I should in front with cable ties fitted in having been. And other ㅇ bar ㅇ holds iPad micro component is the living like debbie! And then for Panerai.
Ahmad 5735
arrived in just 10 days. quiet and powerful. very satisfied. I recommand the item. But Aliexpress prices are high unless they are on a discount. Wish shop wisely