Naturehike Ultralight Vodotěsný Spoj Obálky Spací Pytel Bavlněný Spací Pytel NH20MSD02

944.98 Kč 1 330.96 Kč
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Štítky: bivvy bag pack, l spací pytel, itiwit vodotěsný vak, ryby prut, maska spát, naturehike pánvi, houpací síť underquilt, taška spát, naturehik, plameny creed plachtu.


  • Sezóna: Jaro & Podzim
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Tkanina: Terylene
  • Styl: Typ Obálky
  • Typ: Teplé Počasí
  • Náplň: Bavlna
  • Značka: Naturehike
  • Číslo Modelu: NH20MSD02
  • Spací Pytel Teplotní Stupnice Kategorie: Na jaře a na Podzim Spací Pytel
  • Délka: Lengthened (1.8 m-2 m Height)
  • Komfortní Teplotní Stupnice: [5℃~0℃]
  • Použitelné Lidí: Dospělé
  • Kategorie: Bavlněný Spací Pytel
  • Single/Double Spací Pytel: Splétání Jediného Spací Pytel

Bundeva Ekaterina
-Mon's do not
The goods (sleeping bag) correspond to the description specified by the seller. Delivery to the Republic of Belarus is just over two months. Track number was tracked. Arrived as a registered departure to the point of issue of belmail. The quality of the goods is just excellent! Really convenient. With an increase of 186 cm, it seemed to me that with a tightened Hood, the length of the bag is enough back to back. With the help of two zippers (split side and side of the legs), the fullness is unfastened in the blanket. Materials both top and inside, sooo are pleasant to the touch. Compression bag for storage also looks quality and reliable. Packing is branded plastic bag. The seller is adequate and responsive. I recommend this seller.